Booking my service is simple and easy. Although Iím always happy to meet in person, most of my booking is done via a combination of telephone, e-mail and snail mail. Once youíve decided that Iím the guy that you want to DJ at your event, Iíll mail or give you a pair of super simple two-page contracts. When you get them, simply fill out the general event and contact information on page one. Page two goes over the fine print, which youíll also find if you read further down on this web page. Put your John Hancock and the date at the bottom of page two and mail a copy back to meÖ. And then weíre in business!



Pricing Info:

I charge $200 / Hour for whatever time that I actually DJ (or a three hour minimum).


I require a deposit of the first three hours with a signed contract to reserve my services for your date. The rest of the money owed is payable on or any time before the date of your event. I welcome payment by cash, check or money order, made payable to 'Dana Collins, Dedicated Disc Jockey.' I will charge a $25.00 fine for any payment that does not clear properly or for any instance where I am not paid in full on or by the date of the event.


Once you have secured my services with a signed contract and deposit, I am happy to provide the following benefits at no additional charge:


Meetings, phone calls and any other consultations.

Travel and setup time for events within Western Mass.

Music editing (to shorten songs, for example).





I have a TON of lighting gizmos that can make any event look amazing! It doesn't take a lot to make magic and we can design a package that suits your event's environment as well as your wallet- Click here for the full menu.









Deposits paid will retain my services for the date or dates specified on the respective contract only. Should an event need to be cancelled or postponed for any reason, including inclement weather, I invite my client to use their deposit as credit towards another date. This second try must be within one year from the originally planned date and is subject to my availability. The deposit will be forfeited by the client if a second date cannot be negotiated within these guidelines.





I ask that the event host makes arrangements to provide the following items. Although I have never, ever seen a place that didn't have these, if for any reason there is a problem with obtaining these guidelines, please let me know.

∑        One 110-volt outlet (3 prong grounded) within 100 feet of my setup space.

∑        Facility or grounds are open at least one hour prior to my start time.

∑        A sturdy rectangle table that is at least 6 feet long.

∑        Reasonable steps taken to protect little old me, my music and equipment if guests become threateningly unruly at larger events.