Here are some of the questions that I'm frequently asked. If you don't see an answer to your question in this website, please don't hesitate to give me a call or send me an E-mail!



Q: Where do you DJ?

A: Everywhere. Click here to see the long list of places that I’ve DJ’d at already.


Q: What do you wear when you DJ?

A:  Well…As a nudist…just kidding. That’s something that I discuss with the folks who hire me before the event. At more formal events, I wear a tux. Sometimes I wear black pants with a white shirt and one of my funky neck ties…and sometimes, if the event is casual enough, I wear a polo shirt and black pants.


Q: How many events do you book yourself to DJ in one day?

A: A grand total of one.


Q: Have you ever double-booked yourself or missed an event that you were supposed to DJ?

A: Nope.


Q: Ever show up late to DJ?

A: Never. Actually, funny story: I had loaded my van to DJ at a wedding one day, but when I backed out of my driveway, I could see that my engine coolant was in a big puddle on the ground. Obviously, I had no time to spare, but the van would blow up if I tried to drive it to where I was going. That was the day that I figured out how to cram all of my gear into my other car at the time: a very, very crowded Saturn sedan. I arrived to set up at the wedding early.


Q: Do you drink while DJing?

A: Yes. Seltzer water…and sometimes coffee.


Q: Have you ever caused a power outage?

A: Ha ha…no…actually yes, but not while DJing.


Q: Do you mind DJing outdoor events?

A: I love DJing outside! Just plleeaaase make sure that I'm under cover (a tent, pavilion, etc). Also, if you plan to put my table on grass or dirt, make sure to put pieces of wood under each leg. This is important because the weight of my equipment could push the legs into the dirt and then the whole table will fall over...or if all four legs sink, I'd have to DJ on a reeaally short table... Not Fun....I think.


Q: Is it true that you’re a pianist?

A: Yup…but not in public.


Q: Do you require for us to provide you with a meal?

A: I don't require that you feed me, but I certainly appreciate it.  :-)


Q: When you make announcements, do you talk in a phony radio-announcer-voice?

A: No no no...I talk on the mic using my normal voice.


Q: Are you comfortable at same-sex weddings or gay-oriented events?

A: Very.


Q: What was your most embarrassing moment from DJing?

A: ...let me think about this one...


Q: Do you do karaoke?

A: I’d rather babysit a flock of running, scissor wielding, sugar-high four year olds. I can refer you to a few great DJs who do, though.


Q: I lost my copy of your contract to DJ at my event - can you send me another copy?

A: Of course! Most of my signed / filled out contracts are saved to my computer until the end of time. If you ever need a copy of your contract with me, please don't hesitate to contact me.


Q: Do you use records and turntables?

A: Umm…no. I have turntables that I play with at home, but I’d be pretty useless with them at an event.


Q: Do you offer free consultations?

A: Of course! And I meet with my clients as many times as they need during the planning stages – absolutely free of charge. I also encourage phone calls and E-mails.


Q: Will you match another DJ’s lower price quote?

A: No.


Q: Do you play songs with swears?

A: Never. I make sure to buy or make radio edits of any risky song that I play.


Q: How can I get a Dana Collins T-shirt?

A: I'm a huuuge fan of free schwag...Let me know if you want a Dana shirt and I'll get you one.


Q: Do you DJ alone or with Assistants?

A: For some reason, I prefer to DJ alone. *shrug*


Q: Howdy! I’m a complete stranger from the middle of nowhere Nebraska! You have a song that I’ve been looking for since ‘nam! Can you E-mail it to me?

A: Absolutely not.