Here's some info about my current arsenal of lighting effects. Most of these pictures show the beams of light slicing through the air, which really looks awesome. That effect can only be created, though, when I use a haze machine in addition to the lights (an additional $100/event). Haze machines create a super thin fog that is hypoallergenic, almost odorless and completely harmless - you can't even see it most of the time - but it's the one most important factor if you want a lighting effect to dance through the air - from the fixture to the surface at the end of the rainbow.


These lights still look great without the haze, should you decide against it - the difference is that the beam isn't visible in the air - all you can see is the color on whatever surface that the light is pointed at.


Let's take the tour-



The lights that are smarter than I am:

I first saw these lights at a DJ expo in Connecticut - I couldn't stop watching them. Images were swirling around the room, spinning, strobing, changing colors - and there I was, craning my head in every direction to keep my eyes on the patterns. I couldn't leave the expo without a pair - regardless of the price.

These are stunning at any event that has a little darkness - They're controlled through my laptop, so every move is decided by me. Sometimes a static image on a wall is nice ... sometimes a pattern swooping around the dancing crowd is fun ... sometimes a bright strobe is crazy ... they can mimic color schemes ... go slow during a slow song ... Can you tell that I love these? I especially love using two of them at the same time.

I'm happy to add these lights to your event for an additional $200. They're worth every penny of it.



I like to call this thing "The Disco Ball of the 21st Century" because ... well ... it does exactly what a mirror ball does, but it's just a big single high-tech rotating gizmo. Since it only has one trick up its sleeve, it looks best when teamed up with other lights.

You'll have to let me know ahead of time if you want it set up for multi-color or all white lights - Changing the 86 lenses takes a few minutes.

I charge an additional $50 for this fixture.



The rest of these pictures are for a whole slew of less-fancy fixtures. They're great for throwing aimless color around a room to the beat of the music. They rotate through the designs and colors and pretty much do their own thing. Although not super-sophisticated, a couple of these can  make a dim-lit dance floor a little more exciting and if there's enough room, a lot of these can make a dim-lit dance floor really exciting.

I ask for an additional $50/fixture/event to use these lights.